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  • Our community helps Second Life drivers find all types of vehicles utilized in-world including cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, watercraft, hovercraft, aircraft, locomotives and experimental's.
  • Our community helps Second Life drivers find all types of driving roads, tracks and racing tracks in-world.
  • You can provide the ability for both drivers and creators to show and link vehicles and scripts to in-world or Second Life MarketPlace stores.
  • For more in-depth information on aircraft and aviation in Second Life, please see the Second Life Aviation Wiki.


Driving in Second Life is not new, but sometime around October of 2017, Christi Charron of CheerMaster and SLCS fame with a few of her friends, came up with idea of creating a weekly "Grid Drive" for Second Life drivers. The idea was to be able to utilize a HUD to complete a mission, while getting from one waypoint to another, using many types of vehicles and methods to complete the drive. Completing the drive correctly, almost invariably meant you would get a reward at the end of the Drive. Usually some sort of vehicle or something from one of the sponsors/vendors/creators. Today, the tradition carries on usually every Saturday at around noon SLT and continues for approximately two weeks thereafter. The current Grid Drives can be found here.

NavHUD History

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